hiking & walking tours in Italy

The best way to acquaint yourself with a landscape is to discover it on foot. This is as well the oldest “mean of transport” of mankind and our senses are made to work best at this pace.

Effectively by going “SLOW” we are able to absorb intensely the various impressions and impulses that our surroundings give us.

To see how the landscape changes at every step, to hear the sounds: the singing birds, the humming insects, the roaring surf and the whispering wind, to smell the fragrances of the nature: the flavour of the flowers and herbs in spring time, the aroma of mushrooms and wet leaves in autumn. And at end of the day we feel a sweet tiredness in our legs, when we stretch them out under a table full of inviting plates which we are hungry to taste: the wine, the pasta, the cheese, the local specialities…

These are the pleasures that walking gives us – pleasures as old as humanity

It is not a given that the staff of a tour operator knows all the offered hiking and trekking itineraries personally – Italiafantastica does! We have tested every single hike we are offering to our clients, we know its length and its level of difficulty. In every destination we work with experienced, multilingual hiking and trekking guides.

suggested destinations: 

  • Liguria

    • Cinque Terre
    • the coast of Eastern Liguria including Portofino, Sestri Levante, Rapallo
    • Portovenere, the Island of Palmaria
    • the Gulf of La Spezia and the Montemarcello
    • the Lunigiana in the hinterland of La Spezia
    • Genoa and its surroundings
    • Western Liguria bordering with France, its valleys, its coast
  • Tuscany:

    • the Lunigiana (bordering with Liguria)
    • the Apuan Alps (including the marble quarries of Carrara and the Garfagnana)
    • the Chianti Area and the surroundings of Florence
    • the Maremma (the Tuscan coast in the province of Grosseto, including the Island Giglio)
    • the Orcia Valley
    • the Etruscan towns in Southern Tuscany
    • the Crete Senesi
  • Piedmont:

    • the Langhe region around Barolo, Barbaresco, Alba
    • the Monferrato region
    • the Roero region
    • the Grana Valley
  • Veneto:

    • the Valpolicella area
    • the lake Garda
    • the Soave area